9 Secret Quarantine Hobbies Your Friends Are Getting Into (But Refuse to Tell You)

A wise man once told us, “Only boring people get bored.” Of course, he was a rich slumlord who made piles of cash dealing coke in the ’70s, so it was easy for him. He had all day to pursue whatever self-actualizing hobbies he wanted to. Judging by his love of wearing sandals and socks, he didn’t give a rat’s behind about what other folks thought. Still, we think he was on to something with all those weird hobbies. Coronavirus quarantine can be boring, but it doesn’t have to be.

Like anything in life, this time is what people make of it, or make during it. Many people let shame stop them from learning to sew, sing or undertake another secret dream. Luckily, global pandemics have a way of putting things into perspective. If judgment day is nigh, who cares that you can’t carry a tune? When those inevitable post-coronavirus parties start, your friends might surprise you. Here’s a list of nine hobbies your friends might secretly be pursuing during the lockdown — and that you should try, too.

Cover Photo: DeanDrobot (Getty Images)

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