PlayStation 5 Is Coming to Get You Through the Next Leg of Quarantine

At this point in quarantine, we’re all bored to death. We’ve done all the puzzles, played all the board games, stalked all our exes on social media, repainted the walls (OK, we never got around to that and probably won’t). What we could really use right now is a whole new world. Or a video game system. That’d do.

Well, good news! PlayStation 5 is coming to quell your lockdown restlessness. The gaming console will be released on Nov. 12 (just two days after the Xbox Series X’s release) and it can be yours for $499 (the same price as he Xbox Series X). Now the hardest part will be deciding between the two – unless we luck out and get another round of stimulus checks, in which case, go for broke, gamers!

More good news: You can play an “overwhelming majority” of PlayStation 4 games on the new console, but you won’t be subjected to in-game load times and will enjoy lifelike graphics thanks to an “ultra-fast” hard drive and a “state-of-the-art” processor.

Reservations for PlayStation 5 preorders start today; Xbox preorders are already underway. Finally, something to look forward to in this godforsaken pandemic!

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