PlayStation VR2

Sony’s PlayStation VR2 Has Highly Questionable New Functions We Should Be Wary Of (Including Eye Tracking)

CES 2022 may be coming to a close, but Sony revealed some important details about the forthcoming PlayStation VR2. During Sony’s recent press conference, the gaming giant announced a bunch of new info about their next-generation VR Headset. While the price, release date, and cosmetics of the headset remain a mystery, some of the new features of the PlayStation VR2 prove that we’re only one step closer to living in an episode of Black Mirror.

Among the many standout features, the new 5K headset features “2448 by 2448 per-eye resolution.”  The new hardware also includes an “inside-out” tracking feature. Using 4 built-in cameras, the headset tracks movement, while also collecting personal information about your living habits in the process. Not a bad trade-off for some wholesome VR gaming. Nothing to see here.

The good news is that after shelling out for that shiny new PS5, the Playstation VR2 will likely cost just as much as the system itself. In addition to revolutionary new “eye tracking” technology, the PlayStation VR2 will feature new sensory features that are absolutely terrifying. “For example, gamers can feel a character’s elevated pulse during tense moments, the rush of objects passing close to the character’s head, or the thrust of a vehicle as the character speeds forward.” Seems like some people have been watching too much of Ready Player One.

While the next step in VR gaming is an impressive one, it also begs the question of whether we’ve crossed the point of no return. Is anyone actually interested in VR gaming? Why do VR manufacturers keep shoving this technology down people’s throats? Maybe someday we’ll find out why they keep peddling technology that no one has really asked for. In all seriousness, there’s absolutely no way that this can go wrong. Right?

Cover Photo: Sony