Save Over 50% on This PlayStation Plus: 3-Year Subscription

Ever since social distancing started, finding new things to keep us entertained has been super difficult, to say the least. While really, really dumb people were out there trying to make everyone else’s lives miserable, you were home doing the smart thing: screaming obscenities at your friends over a headset while playing your favorite Playstation game. Now that we’re starting to get back in the swing of things, you should reward yourself with a bunch of exclusive PSP stuff with this PlayStation Plus: 3-Year Subscription Stackable Code Bundle.

Okay gamer girls and guys, here’s what you get with this deal: for a full three years you and all of your pals can engage in some serious PSP content only exclusive members can get their hands on. Get unlimited access to PlayStation classics, free games, exclusive discounts, and Cloud storage, as well as two free games each month and exclusive discounts and deals on all of your favorite merch. This deal comes in three separate codes, one for each year, so you’ll always have the latest and greatest swag, games, and updates all at your fingertips.

Okay, all this is cool, but what about the part where we include your buddies? Not to worry, this deal also includes an online multiplayer option, so that you can dip, dodge, dive, and drive with all of your best frenemies both in the games and your frenemies in real life (we won’t tell Greg down the street you only use him as a punching bag behind the controllers, it’s our little secret). And the Cloud storage (yes, that Cloud) exists solely to make sure all of your favorite gaming moments as well as character profiles are faved and ready for review later on. It’s a true win/win for PSP gamers everywhere.

Get the PlayStation Plus: 3-Year Subscription Stackable Code Bundle for $85.99 when you use code PLAYSTATION2021 at checkout.

Prices subject to change.