PlayStation Plus Essential: 12-Month Subscription Here to Help You School Your Buds in Your Favorite Game

We’ll admit it: ain’t no party like a homebody party because a homebody party don’t include anyone else but you and your damn self. If you’re someone who would rather own your friends via video game instead of going out for a drink, the feeling is not exclusive (especially if you live in China). So many people would rather sit at home in their jim-jams and play on their PlayStation rather than socialize in crowds. The difference is that they have the tools to be good at it. You’ve got the gaming system, now you just need to take it up a notch with this PlayStation Plus Essential: 12-Month Subscription.

OK, let’s break this bad boy down. For a whole damn year, you’ll be first in line for some sweet PlayStation deals and details only the elite have access to. You’ll score new PS4 games every month, plus PS5 games added regularly. And, as long as you keep this membership flowin’, they continue to be yours.

In addition to the games, you’ll also get PlayStation classics, exclusive discounts, cloud storage (100GB of PS4 game data and 100GB of PS5 game data, to be exact), special skins, cosmetics, weapons, and exclusive discounts on some sick PS merch.

The best part? You can share the wealth with your buddies since this deal grants you access to online multiplayer. If you’re not into your friends, you can also cultivate some digitally by playing against online noobs. (Inquiring millennials want to know if people still say that.) If you need help with games on any PS3, PS4, or PS5, there are spoiler-free hints and tips included in this deal to help ease the blow of defeat for you or your rival to use for next time.

Get the PlayStation Plus Essential: 12-Month Subscription for $55 (Reg. $59.99).

Prices subject to change.


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