Breast Friends: Two Women Refuse to Quarantine After Traveling to Get Breast Implants, Claim New Puppies Too Good to Isolate

Sometimes fake boobs are just too big to keep secret. At least not when you’re arrested at the airport for non-compliance with your country’s quarantine laws.

Niamh Mulreany and Kristie McGrath jetted off to Dubai for a quick boob job trip (as you do) when they ran into a bit of a snag: Unable to pay the hotel quarantine fees back home in Dublin, they were detained at Dubai International. After two days wandering the airport terminals, Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney intervened, granting the moms a waiver to fly home.

But Dublin didn’t give them the homecoming they were expecting. As soon as they touched down, airport police picked up the pair, and after two hours of explaining the law, booked the women for violating the Health Act.

Mulreany, 25, and McGrath, 30 were given a chance to make phone calls and consider accepting Irish quarantine conditions before the arrests were made, but refused, saying they needed to take care of their kids (and had spent all their money collecting fond mammaries). Funny how kids are a great excuse when faced with jail time but don’t hold as much sway as a pair of knock-off knockers.

Now for the big reveal. Appearing before the court, Judge Miriam Walsh asked the bosom buddies if their visit to Dubai constituted essential travel. That’s when the boob job slipped out as the reason for their trip. Despite convincing testimony, the judge seemed to think that big boobs were not essential. We have to agree.

In an appendage to this story, the two women are fighting the charges on the grounds it violates their constitutional rights. One day we hope this sordid ordeal is all behind them, so they can finally focus on what’s in front.

Cover Photo: grinvalds (Getty Images)

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