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Save 20% Off the Regular Cost of a 3-Month Subscription to Xbox Live Gold

If you own an Xbox gaming console but haven’t paired it with a subscription to Xbox Live Gold, then you’re really missing out. That’s because Xbox Live Gold takes your entire gameplay experience to another level. And right now is a perfect time to get it since we’re offering a three-month subscription for 20 percent off — just $19.99 — so it’s easier than ever to afford.

Subscribers to Xbox Live Gold get a whole host of premium features that non-subscribers don’t otherwise get to enjoy. It lets you access an exclusive social entertainment network that makes finding other gamers as easy as pie, you’ll enjoy advanced multiplayer options, and receive discounts of up to 75 percent off selected game purchases.

They even offer subscribers anywhere from two to four different game titles every month for free, so you get way more value. This month, for instance, they’re offering three different A-list titles — Gods Will Fall, Double Kick Heroes, and Portal 2 — all at no charge. You just download and play, which we think is awesome. And then next month they’ll offer a selection of different titles for you to enjoy, and then the same again for the month after that.

A subscription to Xbox Live Gold is for use with most Xbox gaming consoles including the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the Xbox One X & S. Their multiplayer network is impressively powered by over 300,000 servers and their cloud-hosted multiplayer platform virtually eliminates lag as well as cheating, the two most frustrating elements that frequently plague online gameplay. 

Basically, if you have an Xbox, then you’re doing yourself a huge disservice by not also getting a subscription to Xbox Live Gold. And since you can pick one up today for 20 percent off the regular price, there’s no good reason not to buy one right now — even if it’s just to see what all the fuss is about.

Prices subject to change.