cuffing season
Couple on vacation at mountain cabin. Sitting on the floor on a fur by fireplace in cozy living room on Christmas. Wearing festive knitted sweaters and socks. Austrian Alps.

The Mandatory Cuffing Season Guide For Desperate Quarantiners During Our First Winter Alone

Winter is coming. And it’s going to be worse than ever this year thanks to coronavirus. Yes, this will be our first-ever quarantined cold snap, which means you better find a mate to hunker down with, STAT. How do you go about finding someone to spend the next six months with? What should you look for in a lockdown partner? We’re so glad you asked. Today, we’re going to walk you step-by-step through this uncharted territory otherwise known as cuffing season during a pandemic. Take notes, then get out there. COVID-19 companionship waits for no one.

Cover Photo: svetikd (Getty Images)

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