Gucci Selling Digital Shoes You Wear Virtually, Doesn’t Get More COVID Than That

Photo: Gucci 

How much would you pay for a pair of Gucci sneakers? And no, we’re not talking about black market shoes that are more goochie than Gucci. If you’re paying retail, chances are you’re going to shell out $500 or more for these sought-after, designer sneakers. What would you say if we told you that you could grab a pair of real Gucci sneakers for the jaw-dropping price of only $17.99? You’d be fairly enthusiastic, right? What if we told you there was a catch? The shoes are only available to wear digitally.

They’re called Virtual 25 sneakers and they’re bright green, bubble-gum pink, and sky blue. They’re a little bold for our taste but for under $20 they’re a steal. That is if you enjoy wearing shoes that are only visible in augmented reality.

If for some reason, this sounds like something you actually still want to waste your hard-earned money on, you can purchase these virtual trainers using the Gucci or Wanna AR apps. You can try them on, purchase them, and wear them in various virtual worlds, including VR Chat, an online multi-player game as well as Roblox.

While we won’t look down on you if you decide to buy a pair of these sneakers to wear in your virtual life, just be aware that unless you want chilly feet all the time, you should probably throw on a pair of actual sneakers in the real world.

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