Meanwhile in Texas: Dogs Give Free High-Fives to Austin Marathon Runners, But He’s Going to Need Belly Rubs From You Down the Road (Video)

Running a marathon is really hard work. Athletes prepare for months – sometimes years – to compete in the grueling, 26.2-mile race. There’s often blood, sweat, and tears involved during the hours-long trek, and those partaking need all the encouragement they can get. That’s why people camp out along the entire race course – to provide much-needed applause, beverages, snacks, and inspiring signage.

But runners in the Austin Marathon in Texas last month got an extra special surprise when they came upon a pair of golden retrievers named Finn and Fern, who were handing out high-fives to marathoners.

A now-viral video of the pups shows them standing on their hind legs, their owners holding out their paws. A cardboard sign next to them reads, “FREE HIGH FIVES.” As athletes trod along, many swerved over in their direction to get a little hit of serotonin from the four-legged friends.

You can’t see the runners’ faces in the video, but we’d bet anything they’ve got the biggest smiles plastered on their mugs as they trotted by. As for Finn and Fern, they look pretty darn happy to be spreading the cheer, too. And the owners? Forget about it. They’re beaming.

We only hope that when the race was all over, all those people who got a furry high-five paid that goodwill back by giving Finn and Fern celebratory tummy rubs.

Cover Photo: YouTube