Marathon Runner Gives Up Personal Best To Help Out Exhausted Competitor

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Well would you look at that, the world isn’t a complete dump.

I try to run once in a while, but less than a mile in on my run and I usually want to crawl back home. So I can’t imagine what marathon runners go through as they run for miles and miles. Well, marathon runner David Wyeth knows, as he was completely exhausted and about ready to collapse recently at the London marathon when a fellow competitor stopped running simply to help him.

Matthew Rees decided to stop and sacrifice his own personal time simply to help his competitor who looked like he could barely move his body anymore. Just a few meters away from the finish line, Rees stopped, and with the help of a race steward, helped Wyeth across the finish line.

Take a look at the great video below.

“I came round the final corner and I saw David’s legs give way underneath him,” Rees told Radio 4. “I thought forget my sprint finish and just went to help him get over the finish line. I got him up and told him we were going to make the finish. The few seconds didn’t matter to me to help someone up. ”

And here is what Wyeth had to say:

“I was so well prepared! I had done everything right in preparing for London. For the first 20 miles I was in great shape. I realized my legs were going beneath me and I couldn’t go in a straight line. I was on the floor and the next thing I knew, Matthew was in my ear encouraging me to get up.”

The story gets even better, as Wyeth was actually running in memory of his uncle, Alan. Wyeth was raising money for the hospice that cared for his uncle in his final days.

Right in the feels.

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