6-Minute Mama: 9-Month Pregnant Woman Runs Impressive Mile, Meanwhile We Just Look 9 Months Pregnant

Even if you’re not an athlete, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve timed yourself running (or jogging slowly) a mile. Whether it was in school as a child or as an adult training for a marathon, you probably vividly remember the number. That’s because there’s a pretty good chance it was a lot higher than you thought it would be. For most of us, a 10-minute mile is something to be celebrated. A six-minute mile? Not a chance even at our fittest. How about a six-minute mile while nine months pregnant? To quote Wallace Shawn in The Princess Bride, “Inconceivable!”

As much as it seems like a crazy scenario, it happened recently when a nine-month pregnant California woman not only ran a mile, but she ran a mile in under 6 minutes.

Her name is Makenna Myler and the 28-year-old soon-to-be mother accomplished this epic feat at the Valor Track Club in Orange County, California. She was able to do this because she stayed in such great shape during her pregnancy that her doctor allowed her to continue her passion for running. She ran five to six times a week throughout her pregnancy.

While she ran for fun and to stay in shape, her husband noticed that her speed and stamina didn’t seem to wane during her pregnancy. But he still didn’t think she could run a mile in under eight minutes. That’s why he bet her $100.

But a week before she was due to give birth, she did him one better. She did him more than two better. Carrying her large baby bump, the runner crossed the finish line with a ridiculous time of five minutes and 25 seconds. He posted the whole video on TikTik and Instagram and it’s gone viral. He doesn’t know if it’s a Guinness World Record, but we’re going to assume it is. There probably aren’t a lot of nine months pregnant women running timed miles. That’s pretty much a guarantee.

Photo: TikTok

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