Meanwhile on TikTok: Viral Travel Hack Scores Woman Free Carry-on and Pre-boarding (But Will It Work For Dudes?)

Summer travel is in full swing and folks are looking to unleash a year’s worth of pent-up energy. Unfortunately, as we’re all itching to let our freak flag fly, airlines are looking to make back all the money they lost last year by price-gouging and understaffing (we’re looking at you Delta). The current state of air travel is inspiring passengers to find nifty ways to pinch a penny, which leads us to one viral TikToker whose devious luggage hack might just save you an afternoon-beer-binge’s-worth of moolah.

Ashlin, the artful travel hacker who goes by @miniadventures wanted to sneak an extra carry-on aboard her flight without having to pay the exorbitant fees (we can relate). Sporting an oversized hoody, Ahslin tucked her secret drawstring bag inside, ingeniously turning herself into an instant pregnant woman.

Using the popular “Nobody’s Gonna Know” audio, Ashlin wrote, “When you get a $US44 ($59) flight but can only bring a backpack.” The hack worked so well, she even scored pre-boarding access and presumably, an endless stream of cheezy crackers and ginger ale (which probably helped keep the guilt of faking a pregnancy down.)

While commenters were divided on the money-saving deceit, the general consensus was awe, with several people planning to use this hack in their own travels. The only problem is, now that the video has gone viral, all pregnant women will be under intense scrutiny at the airport and will have to perform some serious method acting to successfully pull off this stunt.

Luckily for us dudes, no one is going to bat an eyelash at the travel bro with the huge “beer belly”. Thanks, Ashlin for throwing the entire world of our scent with your sweet little TikTok hack. Check out the vid below and remember: The best travel hack of all time is still mailing yourself to your destination in a giant wooden crate. Bon voyage!

@miniadvanturesMy parents raised me better than this ##ballinonabudget ##nobodysgonnaknow ##traveltips ##cheaptravel ##traveltiktok ##shhh♬ how would they know bad girls club – Chris Gleason

Cover Photo: TikTok (@miniadventures)

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