Young woman eating a bowl of Japanese ramen with chopsticks

TikToker’s Viral Ramen-Eating Hack Guarantees a No-Slurp Experience (Here’s How to Do It)

If you’re like us, you love a delicious, hot bowl of ramen, especially as the weather cools or if you’re sick. But the squiggly-noodled soup can turn into a big mess if you’re not careful. That is, until a TikToker brought a clever hack to our attention…and now has us grasping at straws.

@bribri_is_wheezy has gone viral for her novel ramen noodle eating technique.

“Perhaps this is unhinged,” the text overlay on her video reads. “But my pro tip is I eat my ramen at home with 2 reusable straws so I can pick up the noodles & slurp my broth with one hand.”

@bribri_is_wheezy Im grasping at straws #reusablestraw #ramen #ramenhack #protip #leftovers #WorldPrincessWeek #noodles #metalstraw #foodhack ♬ original sound – &lt3

Set to the tune of “Bad Habit” by Steve Lacy, the video shows how the TikToker uses the straws as chopsticks for the noodles, then turns them to sip the broth. It’s so easy, yet elegant, and makes us wonder: why didn’t we think of that?!

As with everything on the internet, however, commenters were split about the hack.

Those in favor were grateful for the new #TikTokTaughtMe trick, calling @bribri_is_wheezy a “genius” and this hack a “game changer.”

“Sometimes, very rarely, this app shows me something that changes me forever like this,” one commenter marveled.

“some people just living a step ahead of everyone else,” another complimented the creator.

“This just changed my worldview. It might also have healed some childhood trauma,” an oversharer offered.

“Living in the year 3000,” someone else opined.

Ah, but there are always the naysayers and the haters, and they just couldn’t accept that there might be a better way to eat ramen than slurping and spilling all over the place.

“sipping savory liquids thru a straw just don’t feel right to me,” one commented.

“using a straw for hot liquids is scary,” one fearful person said.

We say whatever gets more ramen in our mouths and less broth anywhere else is worth a try.

Cover Photo: Jackyenjoyphotography (Getty Images)