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Life Hack of the Week: A Mandatory Video For Getting Backstage at Any Music Festival

Running the ultimate life hack takes the ultimate amount of cool, especially when the ultimate hack results in you sneaking backstage at your favorite festival. Obviously, this is something that only works at festivals because of how big their staff is. Unlike local venues, nobody knows all the hires, especially the lower-level staff, the role you’ll be playing, to pull off this con.

However, being the lowest worker at the festival still gives you more access than the average Joe. Lucky for you, you’ll have all access at any music festival thanks to the knowledge dropped by TikToker @yungvec who created this week’s life hack for sneaking backstage at any festival.

Image: @yungvec (TikTok)

What You’ll Need 

First, you’re going to need tickets. Look, we can only help so much. If you’re sneaking into festivals, please make a viral TikTok and teach the rest of us how to as well. After acquiring your tickets, you’re going to need to decide what to wear. A lot of the time, festival workers usually wear all black. Consider this your second emo phase and enjoy it. Next, you’re going to need an orange high-vis vest, the kind festival workers wear. You shouldn’t wear it to the festival. Bring it with you.

@yungvecfull vid on high vis vec comin♬ Old Spice Remix – Connor

Sometime around dusk, nobody will know what’s going on. This is when you take your vest out and put it on. You’re going to want to also start using your tiny flashlight, but don’t be a dick about it. Walk into the areas designated for staff and take out your flashlight to make it look like you know what you’re doing. Once you’re near the backstage area, just walk up and tell them you’re supposed to grab the trash and dump it. Nobody will know what this means, but they’ll want you to do it. Enjoy.