Mandatory Trends: NBA Top Shot Trading Cards Sets Record, Here’s How to Play the Exclusive Game

Photo: Tim Nwachukwu (Getty Images)

When we were kids, we collected baseball, football, basketball, even European soccer cards. Baseball cards were the best for two reasons: they always seemed like they’d be worth the most money and they came with a stale piece of chewing gum. Sadly, we were wrong about the appeal of both. That rookie card you held onto for all these years ended up being worth less than a Chipotle burrito bowl and the chewing gum was never as good as we thought it would be. Still, those days are filled with nostalgia.

And while you can still collect cards, if you really want to do it the 2021 way, you’ll get in on the hottest collecting trend in the world: NBA Top Shot. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

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