M&M’s Female Characters Get Wardrobe Update, Anything to Keep Plain and Peanut From Getting Canceled

Photo: M&M’s

If you’re anything like us, you see commercials featuring the walking, talking M&M’s characters and you don’t really give them a second thought. Most of the commercials feature the anthropomorphic hard candy-shelled, chocolate characters attempting to stop someone from eating them. They’re actually a bit dark if you really pay attention. But that’s not even what we’re talking about today. We’re talking about what they’re wearing.

And no, it’s not like “who are you wearing?” on a red carpet. We’re talking about their footwear. That’s because, this week, the M&M’s characters you likely don’t ever think about at any moment during your day are getting a slight and very easy to overlook update. They’re getting new shoes.

Photo: Mars Wrigley

Say goodbye to Green’s outdated go-go boots because now she’s sporting a sweet pair of kicks. Brown is still wearing heels, but they aren’t as high. Likely to help alleviate calf pain that’s been plaguing her for years. Red and Yellow now have laces on their sneakers. Blue is wearing what look like Uggs and, for some odd reason, Orange no longer has untied shoes.

While this seems like a ton of changes, it really is a blink and you might miss it moment. Because, honestly who really looks at M&M’s characters feet anyway?


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