Meanwhile in Fashion: Stiletto Crocs Put the Party Up Top and Business in Back, Reminder That a Terrible Thing Can Always Be Worse

We can all agree that while Crocs may be one of the most comfortable shoe brands on the market, their aesthetic leaves something to be desired. They’re the kind of footwear you put on for a quick trip to the store, or to walk the dog, or hang out in your backyard. They’re not really fit for formal gatherings or the workplace. Until now…?

The latest incarnation of Crocs has nothing to do with a celebrity tie-in or quirky accessories you can “insert” into the shoes. No, they’re a whole new style of the rubber clog – high heels.

In a collaboration with Balenciaga, Crocs are now available as stilettos in either black or neon green (gag). Because nothing says “sexy” like holey, rubbery comfort shoes – that can’t possibly be comfortable anymore with that high of an incline.

Photo: Balenciaga


The brands unveiled the fashion disaster mashup at the Spring 2022 “Balenciaga Clones” collection showing. Apparently, the companies think these shoes are high fashion, because they’re rumored to come with a high price tag, anywhere from $850 to $1K according to some estimates.

When news broke about these hideous shoes, the internet literally could not believe they were real. Twitter users thought it was a joke – and then realized, hey, they are a joke. A joke that will appeal to, well, someone with money to burn.

We don’t know what kind of woman is going to buy these, but if we ended up on a date with her, we would bolt in the opposite direction – and we’d make sure we were wearing shoes we could actually run away in.

Cover Photo: Balenciaga



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