Close-up of male legs trying on too female shoes.

Women Are Falling Head Over Heels…For Men Wearing Heels?

This is one trend we never saw, um, coming. Apparently, women are falling head over heels for men who actually wear heels.

We could blame Harry Styles, the pop-singer-cum-actor whose gender-bending fashion choices have included everything from dresses to pearl necklaces to nail polish. But this goes far beyond him and is precariously close to entering the mainstream.

Clothing brands including SYRO, Kira Goodey, and Lidia Talavera have added genderless heels to their wares and wearers are showing them off on social media with the hashtag #meninheels.

Take a peek at the ways dudes are incorporating heels into their wardrobes.


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According to Mel Magazine, women can’t get enough of the leggy, fashion-forward dudes. “Regardless of the wearer’s gender, heels elongate the leg, boost the tush and flex the calf ever-so-slightly for a come-hither effect,” Lillian Stone wrote for the site. “But wearing sky-high heels also takes serious self-assurance, even for the women onto whom painful footwear is traditionally thrust. Seeing a man strut in a hazardous shoe suggests an immense confidence.”

Need further proof on the power of pumps? Pornhub boasts no fewer than 90,000 videos labeled “men wearing heels.” And they aren’t all aimed at gay men, either.

We can’t say we’ll be jumping on this fashion trend anytime soon (they look like a pain in the ankle, to be honest) but we’re glad to see dudes breaking down the gender binary with their footwear – and being unafraid to step on anyone’s toes as they do so.

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