David Beckham Gets Trolled by Wife Victoria Over His Style, Those Boots Were Made For Mocking

Husbands and wives love to rib each other. It’s one of the upsides of marriage. The difference is that when celebrities tease their spouses, the whole world finds out about it.

Such was the case between David and Victoria Beckham recently. The soccer star and former “Posh” Spice Girl are both clothes horses with impeccable style. But David made a little fashion faux pas that Victoria couldn’t resist trolling.

While donning poppies and visiting the Royal Hospital Chelsea, a home for British Army vets, in honor of Remembrance Day, David wore a pair of “wellies” (a word no man should ever have to say out loud) that were, well, bigger than life.


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Wearing our poppies with pride today! #RemembranceSunday @davidbeckham

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“Gaston wants his boots back @davidbeckham,” Victoria wrote on her Instagram Story next to an image featuring her husband’s footwear alongside the macho Beauty and the Beast character.

Victoria wasn’t the only commenter on David’s fashion misstep.

“Can we talk bout the boots???” someone asked. Another opined, “Wellies are a tad much Dave!!”

To his credit, David didn’t take the criticism lying down.

“So my wife decided to post before asking me or cropping my last minute shoe option,” he wrote beneath his own side-by-side comparison. “Revenge will be sweet @victoriabeckham.”

Somehow, we have a feeling that when this couple bickers, it’s more a form of foreplay than an all-out war. These boots were made for mocking, but maybe they’re also made for knocking?

Cover Photo: @victoriabeckham (Instagram) and Disney

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