6 Inventive Hybrid Sports We Wish Existed (That Really Should)

Can you have fantasy teams for fantasy sports? Might as well, since we already designate every day to them. Saturdays are for college football, Sundays, Monday and Thursday are for NFL. Major League Baseball and even Major League Soccer take up pretty much every other day. Next, the NBA and NHL seasons begin, and suddenly you have no life. Then you forgot your kids’ names again. Even on non-game days, we are inundated with previews of upcoming games, news about player signings, and gossip about strange injuries. We don’t really have any time for anything new, but if a new sport ever caught fire, we’d obviously make time for it (and maybe get rid of a couple current ones). These are the best made-up pro sports we wish existed (even though they actually don’t), most of which are hybrid .

Photo: UpperCut Images (Getty Images)

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