2017’s Most Insane, Inspirational, Funny And Memorable Sports Moments

For the sixth year in a row we’re recapping the year in sports, highlighting the best — and worst — the year had to offer.

No surprise, 2017 had enough memorable sports moments to fill an ocean. Below is what we will remember most.

Play of the Year

Deshaun Watson doing his part in ending the Alabama dynasty.

Play Of The Year (Jr.)


College Basketball Play Of The Year

The Guy Your Dad Will Take About For The Next Decade

Rolling a perfect 300 in a matter of seconds. 

Most Bizarre Play

Golfer risks his life maneuvering around a mob of kangaroos.

Most Embarrassing Play

UCLA Cheerleader Falls From Top Of Pyramid, Dropped By Rescuer Seconds Later

Best Broadcasting Call

Random Dude Goes Viral After Showcasing Perfect Broadcast Voice

Most Inspiring Moment

Iowa fans create a new ‘wave.’

Pride And Prejudice

Cardinals Nation may have not liked it, but the St. Louis Cardinals made the right move by adding their first ever ‘Pride Night.’

Pride Night: The Best Moment Of The 2017 Baseball Season Had Nothing To Do With Baseball

Best New Sport

‘Soap Hockey’ May Be The Best New Summer Party Sport

Best Meme

‘Angry Tom Brady.’

‘Angry Tom Brady’ Is The First Awesome Meme Of The 2017 NFL Season

Darwin Award

Given to those who extremely question the gene pool based on their poor decision making.

Camping Bro Proves Hitting Anything On Fire With Your Golf Club Is A Terrible Idea

Lazarus Award

Viral Video: Man Skis Off 150-Foot Cliff, Walks Away Uninjured

The Babe Didrikson Zaharias Award 

AKA, the female athlete who captivated and conquered all.

Meet Ariel Puent: The Softball Star With One Arm

Best Commercial

Foot Locker: Lonzo Ball roasts his dad. 

Road House Award

Miami and Notre Dame fans keeping it classy during a game this past November.

Best Viral Video

This Toddler Is Now A Soccer Legend With Swift Birthday Kick To The Candle!

Lights out. TAG @leomessi @cristiano Licensed by Jukin Media

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Animal Planet Award

Charging Bear Nearly Eats Mountain Bikers Alive

Best Photobomb

10-Year-Old Surfer Photobombed By Great White Shark

Evel Knievel Award

Police Investigating After Insane Motorcycle Jump Over CA Highway

Best Fan

This year we have a tie.

Kid Gets Shirt Autographed, Completely Loses It


Farm Kid Loses It When Surprised With Cubs Tickets

Houdini Award

I guess everyone truly does disappear if you pass out this drunk.

NASCAR Fan Left Behind After Falling Asleep At Coke 600

Funniest Sports Moment

Random guy at U.S. Open screams ‘McRib’ after drive

Boldest Moment

‘Progressive Liberal’ Is Quickly Becoming A Wrestling Star In Kentucky

Retro Award

This 1994 Tom Brady Interview Proves He Was Just As Cool In High School

The “Wanna Get Away?” Award

Louisville Women Trick Duke Into Defending Wrong Basket

Exsqueeze Me Award

Who Is The Man Who Stole This Woman’s Home Run Ball?

SMH Award

Why Is Chris Christie Getting In The Face Of This Cubs Fan?

The Inspector Gadget Award

Fox Sports Releases Video Of Man Stealing Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Jersey (Allegedly)

Bro Move Of The Year

Genie Bouchard Honors Date Won Over Twitter Super Bowl Bet

Best Troll

San Antonio Spurs Troll Mariah Carey Hard With Mascot Fail

The Helmuth Award

Did I really just want to name an award after myself? Possibly. But in fairness, my name translates as ‘hard headed’ in German. This guy really used his head on this play …

This Is The Worst Baseball Blooper Of The Year

Most Shocking sports moment

The most amazing comeback in Super Bowl history came full circle after this catch.

The Doc Brown Award

We can’t wait to fire up our flux capacitor to see what happens with this star in the making.

Zion Williamson, 16-Years-Old, Destroys Gym With Physics-Defying Dunk

Best Celebrity Moment

Oscars: Chicago Bulls Offered Free Tickets To ‘Gary From Chicago’

Mr. Chill

Chill Ski Instructor Impales Face On Tree Branch, Reconsiders “Lip Piercing Trend”

Best Moment You Probably Missed

Make-A-Wish, Red Sox Build ‘Fantasy Fenway’ For Connecticut Boy

Of course that’s not all. Our friends at S.I. put together a great video of the top sports moments of the year.

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Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.