Here’s A Guy Bowling A Perfect 300 In 86.9 Seconds

Own a Corvette. Self-brew beer. Marry a supermodel. Bowl a perfect game.

One could argue the above is a list most American men only dream to accomplish in this short life. Ben Ketola at least has one covered.

The 23-year-old two-handed roller is believed to have recently set a new world record after bowling a perfect 300 game (12 strikes in a row) in 86.9 seconds.

Sure, he’s fast and skilled — he also needed all ten lanes open at the same time and his buddy recording the adventure on his phone.

The Preble, New York man did the impossible at a bowling alley he works at in Cortland, NY, a small town south of Syracuse.


“It was fun to do. I honestly wasn’t expecting to do it,” said Ketola, a 225-average bowler who works and bowls at 281 Bowl. “I just wanted to see how quickly I could get across the house and get strikes.”

Ketola was reportedly inspired to set the new world record after watching pro bowler Tom Dougherty do it two years ago in 1:5:1.

Ketola said he bowls about 50 games a week and it took him four tries at the new speed record before finally rolling a perfect game.

Imagine what this guy will do when he’s 24!

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.