Watch This Guy Break A World Record Bowling Perfect Game In 75 Seconds

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Through the history of man, bowling became a go-to activity for the the typical alpha male. It’s a game — nay, a sport — that allows you to show your dominance through throwing heavy balls around while consuming endless beers. There are few things better.

You might head out to the lanes every so often and witness the local pro flex his technique — and an outstanding outfit — fitting of perfection. He might even bowl a perfect game with a score of 300. What he likely doesn’t do is bowl that game in under 75 seconds.

Guy Breaks World Record Bowling Perfect Game In 75 Seconds

We saw a guy set the world record for speed bowling a perfect game in 86.9 seconds back in April. That was damn impressive. Then, no more than two months later, another guy is out here setting records and stealing your bowling alley girlfriend.

This man from Ewing, N.J. is named Tim Emery, and he recently broke the previous record by bowling a 300 in 74.9 seconds. Let’s go to the replay.

Seems like the record is being broken a lot in recent months. I imagine there’s some other avid bowler reading this article and saying to himself, “Hell, I can set the record at 69!” I bet you can, buddy.

If you’re feeling confident, go for the record and let us know if you do. If not, keep polishing your balls.

h/t BroBible

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