Watch Golfer Risk His Life Maneuvering Around Mob Of Kangaroos

Golf. The casual man’s true leisure sport.

… Unless you’re being attacked by hornets on a Malaysian course.

Thwarting off an alligator in Florida.

Or, in the case of Greg Tannos, risking your life around a mob of kangaroos in Australia.

Check out Tannos in the video below as he gracefully tip-toes between dozens of kangaroos, who many could rip him to shreds within a seconds-notice if they chose to, all to simply get to his ball.

ABC News

On April 6, Greg Tannos was playing a round at Sanctuary Point Country Club when a group of eastern grey kangaroos decided to hop on the green and instantly increase the difficulty of an already hard sport.

Treating the mob of kangaroos like just another obstacle to surmount, Tannos tried to play through, wheeling his clubs behind him.

I’m pretty sure he drills one of the kangaroos with his shot around the 2:20 mark.

The entire scene is jaw-dropping. And hilarious. And scary as hell. It’s something you would see in a movie and say, ‘NO WAY!’

May we remind you that while these cute, adorable creatures are just chillin’, sun-bathing, eating grass on the ‘green,’ they’re also terrifying creatures built to rip your guts out.

Remember when this happened? Or better yet, THIS?!

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.