Newborn Baby’s Viral Facial Expression Is the Perfect Reaction to Whatever the Hell Is Going on Right Now in the World

Talk about a rude awakening. Although this baby’s face may look cleverly photoshopped, that’s just the face Isabela Pereira de Jesus makes when she’s newly born. This little Rio de Janeiro angel went viral for her instant reaction, following her C-section entrance into the brave, new coronavirus-ridden world. Her facial expression, both adorable and strangely relatable, is a sign of the times when a completely unaware stranger to our lands can give a look that says “put me back, I’d rather self-quarantine” until you’ve all got your shit together.”

The photo, brilliantly captured by photographer Rodrigo Kunstmann, is just another of life’s perfectly-timed photos we need more of to distract us during these strange days. Welcome to the world, Isabela. Now, get ready for a pretty awkwardly uncertain start to your time on Earth. For more of the weirdest Cornavirus-related news in the world, continue on below.

Photo: Rodrigo Kunstmann (@RodrigoKunstmann)

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