Return of the Hanks: Our Favorite Actor Tells Coronavirus ‘Hanks, But No Hanks,’ Released From Hospital With Wife

Finally, some good news: Tom Hanks has been released from the hospital and moved to self-quarantine with his wife, Rita Wilson. This coming on the heels of Idris Elba announcing he has contracted it. So this was the before:

While the world has been gripped by this illness, the majority of people are working from home in their underwear, covered in Y2K-style Cheeto-dust, praying that washing their hands for once will keep them safe. But the return of Hanks bodes for well for us, considering they announced a positive test for coronavirus less than a week ago! And now this is the after:

After a lengthy Hanks-a-thon movie binge, from The ‘Burbs and Money Pit to Turner & Hooch to the all-too-real Castaway, hoping for a full recovery, today we found that our favorite actor and his wife, Rita Wilson said, “Hanks, but no Hanks” to the plague as they move into their Australia home until it’s safe to travel again while he prepares for his role in the Elvis Presley biopic.

Photo:  Universal Pictures

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