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The 20 Worst Tweets From Stupid Politicians and Misguided Celebrities on Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has celebrities, world leaders, and everyday people on indefinite lockdown. For the uber-wealthy, it’s an extended staycation in a mansion, luxury bunker or superyacht. But, what’s a chateau got to do with the rest of us? For those in domiciles with fewer than 17 bathrooms, it’s been a somewhat more trying apocalypse. Fears of the disease, global economic depression, and food shortages haunt many nightmares.

Many celebs are handling the crisis about as well as a 2-year-old throwing a temper tantrum after missing a nap. Others exposed how little compassion they have for the less-well-off. A few tried their best to share uplifting messages in the form of tweets, but only exposed how out of touch they are. For every lovable John Krasinski, there is a heel like Elon Musk. While the rich and powerful may be relatively safe from the coronavirus, even 20-foot walls can’t save them from their own worst enemies: themselves. From stupid politicians to misguided celebrities, this list is all Twitter don’ts and no do’s.

Cover Photo: Mike Franklin / Contributor (Getty Images)

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