8 Inspirational Stories of Communities Coming Together During the Pandemic

Fistfights in grocery stores over toilet paper and cases of Mountain Dew. Dumb blondes licking toilet seats for a “Coronavirus Challenge.” And, worst of all, wealthy people cutting in line for tests when they don’t even have symptoms. It’s all enough to make you shrug and doubt whether humanity is even worth saving. The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the worst of human nature.

On the other hand, the worst times can also bring out the best in people. And no, we’re not talking about looting that douchebag investor’s vacant Airbnb listing next door. While politicians, billionaires, and celebrities hide, regular people are showing true courage. Here are eight inspirational stories of communities coming together to help each other. After all, social solidarity is our most valuable resource, not TP, no matter how velvety soft it may be.

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Cover Photo: Justin Paget (Getty Images)

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