Families Get Free ‘Porchtraits’ From Professional Photographers During Pandemic, Say ‘Quarantine!’

Dark and uncertain though these times may be, families still want to document the fact that they lived through the coronavirus pandemic. While selfies are readily available to anyone with a cell phone, they’re often not high-quality images. That’s why photographers have been getting creative – and being generous – by offering free “porchtraits” that produce professional photos from the front stoops of people’s homes without violating social distancing guidelines.

It’s a way for out-of-work shutterbugs to continue using their skills during their downtime while providing families with intimate, joyful pics of their newfound quarantine togetherness. In lieu of payment, some photographers ask that donations be made to non-profits and other charities, providing an extra boost of goodwill in what would otherwise be a despairing time.

“Porchtraits” have become a national movement. Check out the growing number of these inspiring and uplifting images using the hashtag #porchtraits on social media, and if you have the opportunity, make sure to get one of your own!

Cover Photo: Jacobs Stock Photography Ltd (Getty Images)

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