Mom Shocked to Discover Advertisement Claiming Her Family Was Dead from COVID-19, Spoiler Alert: They Weren’t

It’s safe to say that the world is collectively more paranoid now than it has been since at least the ‘50s. But it’s not threats of nuclear war we’re afraid of — it’s each other. COVID-19 has millions of Americans fearing for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Obviously, mainstream media, as well as social media, isn’t doing much to quell those fears but, sometimes, it’s almost as if they are actively trying to give Americans a collective heart attack.

Such was the case for a mom named Sara Ancich, who was shocked to discover that a photo of her family had been used for an advertisement on Facebook that claimed said family was killed by the coronavirus. Obviously, Sara knew that neither she, nor her family, were actually dead. But she was still inundated with calls from well-meaning friends and family who were concerned about the family’s well-being.

Evidently, a company that makes face masks perused various message boards like Pinterest, searching for family photos. When they found one they liked, they decided to use it in a video and claimed that said family had been killed by COVID-19, leaving just one surviving family member — a teenage boy. The ad was featured on Facebook because Facebook is evil, and that is where Ancich saw it. She tried contacting the company, as well as Facebook, with the hope of removing the ad, but her calls were unreturned. Facebook would eventually pull the ad after a few media sites reported the story — because Facebook waits until their public image hurts before they actually do anything somewhat noble. Still, it had to be a relief to Ancich and her family who, we repeat, were very much alive.

Cover Photo: Chard Photo/KCAL/KCBS/CNN

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