Mandatory Good News: 10 Stories of Local Restaurants Feeding People for Free

Cooks face flaming hot oil, Katana-sharp knives, and slippery floors. Servers deal with finicky eaters, rude ladies named Karen, and low wages. Now, all restaurant workers are dealing with a new set of problems brought on by COVID-19. The pandemic shuttered many eateries. It forced those still open to switch totally to delivery and take-out.

Despite such calamitous circumstances, cooks are still in the kitchen. In some cases, they are dishing out free meals for those in need, even if they aren’t open for business. These hash slingers are volunteering to feed health care workers, first responders and anyone else who is hungry. Here are 10 stories of such restaurants and cooks, also known as heroes who wear aprons instead of capes.

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Cover Photo: Sir Francis Canker Photography (Getty Images)

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