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Mandatory Good News: Brad Pitt and Flea Take Over School Gym to Get Food to Those in Need

Brad Pitt’s generosity streak continues. Not only does he have a golden Oscar statue now, but he apparently has a heart of gold, too, and the COVID-19 pandemic has really given the Academy Award-winning actor an opportunity to exercise it.

His latest good deed took place at the Nickerson Gardens Clubhouse in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles. The space used to host a free boxing program, but since coronavirus restrictions have ended such activities, instead up to 700 people stream through the gymnasium to receive free food each week.

Imagine the community’s surprise when they saw Pitt driving a delivery truck and donating food baskets to those in need. The newly-Emmy-nominated actor was joined in his efforts by Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who helped with hot food.

“The community gives back to me…I like being a part of it, I like building bridges, I like making friends. When corona hit and I was sitting around and going to the beach and stuff, I did a lot of thinking about people who really might be struggling because they’re not getting enough to eat and not making money during COVID times,” Flea told Good Day LA. (Pitt declined to comment, but he did wave at cameras from the truck.)

“I just love being a part of it, but honestly, I don’t even think about it as giving as much as I get given to,” Flea continued. “I get welcomed here…we’re all working together doing something beautiful.”

Cover Photo: YouTube

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