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10 Good News Stories in the Spirit of John Krasinski’s ‘Some Good News’

America loves few things as universally as The Office. To clarify, we mean the hilarious NBC mockumentary and not the place you used to go to work. The show went off the air way back in 2013. John Krasinski (perhaps better known as his character Jim Halpert), is still making the best of a bad situation for America’s amusement. Honestly, people, this guy is a national treasure.

Krasinski recently started a weekly YouTube show called Some Good News. He shares stories of heroic healthcare workers and neighbors helping neighbors. And, though staying at home, he’s not alone. The first episode saw him digitally reunite with former castmate Steve Carrell. It was a pretty teary-eyed affair. In the second episode, he and his wife Emily Blunt made a young fan’s dream come true via “Zoom bomb.” Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast of Hamilton joined, too. This example has inspired others. As a result, people from Canada to Vietnam are sharing good news from lockdown as well. In that spirit, here are 10 recent uplifting true stories from around the world.

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