Soul Food: Cambridge, Massachusetts Mayor Pays Local Restaurants to Feed the Homeless

With all the media attention coronavirus has had in recent weeks, it’s sometimes easy to forget those most in need. We worry about our elderly and at-risk populations, but in all the chaos, one group seems to have been forgotten: the homeless population. Many men, women, and children don’t have a home in which to “ride out” the pandemic, leaving them on the streets and in shelters just trying to survive. The mayor of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Sumbul Siddiqui, has decided to not only help out that city’s homeless citizens but also the restaurants that have been forced to shut their doors during this historic outbreak.

When Mayor Siddiqui and her staff saw that the local shelters were short on staff and food, she realized that something had to be done. The city, well known for being the home of Harvard, is paying 15 local restaurants to make food for the homeless population.

“By contracting with local restaurants in Central and Harvard Square, where a large majority of homeless programs are located, we are able to minimize delivery challenges, and facilitate the availability of both hot and cold meals to shelters and other sites in both Squares,” Mayor Siddiqui and City Manager Louis A. DePasquale said in a statement.

The goal is to make and deliver as many as 2,000 meals to the nine shelters in the area. In this time of anxiety, fear, and unanswered questions about the future, it’s nice to see someone doing the right thing.

Photo: kuarmungadd (Getty Images)

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