Pooch on the Loose: Inventive Person Uses Drone to Walk Dog and Avoid Contamination

If you’re practicing social distancing correctly, you’re not coming within 6 feet of anyone who doesn’t live with you in your home. It’s a pretty simple concept that, when done correctly, can save us all a lot of time and headaches (literally). In fact, the easiest way to avoid getting infected with coronavirus or infecting someone else is to stay in your home. Just buy a few books on your Kindle, binge some of the shows you never got around to watching, and relax as much as possible. Of course, this is easier said than done if you have a dog that has to go to the bathroom.

Obviously, unlike us, dogs don’t take a stroll into the bathroom, put up the seat and do their business. They need to be let out into your yard or taken for a walk. But, if you’re practicing extreme social distancing and you don’t have a giant yard to walk your dog in, what are you to do?

Well, since it’s 2020, there’s always the option of walking your dog using a drone. Sure, it seems a bit sci-fi, but it actually happened. A man named Vaki Demetriou on the Mediterranean island country of Cyprus decided that the best way to let his dog take a stroll while avoiding the potential of catch coronavirus was to attach his dog’s leash to a drone and remotely walk the dog down a street. He literally stood on his balcony and controlled the drone as his dog (seemingly very delighted) trotted down the road. No word on the amount of sanitizing the fluffy pooch endured when it returned home.

Photo: Jules Frazier Photography (Getty Images)

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