The Mandatory Matching Guide to Choosing the Right Foster Dog During Quarantine

If you’re stuck at home and feeling lonely during coronavirus quarantine, it’s very enticing to adopt a pet. And no, we’re not talking about a goldfish, some exotic parrot, a ferret, or even a cat. We’re talking about bringing a slobbering, furry, four-legged friend of the canine variety home. Yes, as the weeks drag on, adding a puppy (or full-grown dog) to your family is beginning to seem like more and more of a great idea.

But, before you do, you should probably foster a dog. It’s the best way to know that in the long run, you’ll actually want to take care of that adorable pooch. If the reason you’re going to bring a dog into your home is because you’re all out of puzzles and you’re bored with video games, it might not be the right choice. If you’ve always wanted a dog, but never had the time, go for it. You’re probably going to have extra free time for the foreseeable future.

If you’ve made the decision to add a furry companion to your life, you better pick the right one. Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve come up with a handy dandy guide to choose the perfect pooch for you.

Photo: Sally Anscombe (Getty Images)

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