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Mandatory Good News: FedEx Worker Surprises Quarantined Girl With Cupcake on Her Birthday

Since many of us are stuck at home, we’re all looking for the little things in life to differentiate our days. These instances are as simple as eagerly awaiting the mail or a package from FedEx. Normally, sitting by the window and waiting for the delivery man like he’s an out-of-season Santa sliding down the chimney would be something to be concerned about. But, now it’s pretty much the height of entertainment. This is especially true if you’re a 6-year-old girl and it also happens to be your birthday.

A few weeks ago, Emma Paternoster of Fisher, Indiana, was excited to see her local FedEx delivery driver arriving at her house. This is because it happened to be the princess gown-adorned girl’s birthday and she assumed a gift was arriving for her. To her dismay, the box was actually for her father. Her mom apologized to the delivery driver for her daughter’s tears and explained that it was her birthday. The driver, Jordan Price, leaned down to say “happy birthday” and returned to his route.

Photo: Carey Kirkella (Getty Images)

The Paternoster family assumed that was the last they’d see of Price that day, but they were wrong. An hour later, the delightful driver returned with Dairy Queen cupcakes for the girl. Her mother was so grateful for the kind gesture that she took to Twitter to document the simple act that made a little girl’s day. After receiving comments from other users saying how great Price is, the mother said that she was planning to return the favor and do something nice for him.

Since we’re all about paying it forward, please enjoy these GIFs of people enjoying cupcakes as much as this little girl likely did.

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