World Whisky Day: The Best Whiskies From Around The Globe

Founded in 2012, World Whisky Day is a celebration of whisky (or whiskey in the U.S. and Ireland) on a global scale. It’s celebrated on the third Saturday of May and this year that means it falls on May 16. To truly get the most out of this worldwide holiday, it’s best to branch out past your usual bourbon, Scotch, or even Japanese whisky. This year, we’re highlighting some of our favorite whiskies from distilleries located in all corners of the globe.

From Taiwan to South Africa, the world is full of great whisky and if we don’t sample it, who will? Below you’ll find descriptions of some of our favorite whiskies from countries not normally associated with the spirit. Check them all out and pour yourself a dram of something new.

Photo: Michel Tcherevkoff (Getty Images)

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