Twinkie Drinky: You Can Finally Sip Hostess-Flavored Iced Coffees Now, Ding Dong

You’re probably drinking more coffee than usual during the COVID-19 quarantine, maybe because you’re getting more done around the house or (more likely) you’re just bored and the act of brewing and preparing a cup of coffee gets your mind off of the pandemic spreading just outside your door. Either way, you’re probably out almost out of (or completely out of) creamer. Since, the sugary, sweet coffee additive isn’t as important as other in-demand items like bread or toilet paper, you probably leave it off your grocery delivery order. By now, you’re getting tired of drinking nothing but black coffee. It’s time for something different. How about iced coffees flavored by your favorite Hostess products? Is that different enough?

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You read that right: Hostess. The iconic brand known for such sugary treats as Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Honey Buns, and Sno Balls is taking all of those flavors and adding them to iced coffee. Similar to the Starbucks iced coffee you always impulse-buy while you wait to pay at a cash register, these iced lattes come in glass, resealable bottles and each one tastes like your favorite sweet treat in coffee form.

Since first arriving in stores in the northeast in March, the drink is expected to hit shelves nationwide in the coming weeks. If you see it in the wild, we suggest grabbing a Twinkie-flavored iced latte and pairing it with an actual Twinkie. Or, if you’re feeling squirrelly, grab a Ding Dong-flavored iced latte and pair with an actual Sno Ball. Things could get really crazy and we like it. In these strange times, we really need something like this.

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