New Batman Restaurant Puts the ‘Ham’ Back in Gotham

Batman has been reinvented over and over by various actors. Regardless of who is wearing the black costume, comic book fans obviously can’t get enough of the moody superhero who stands on the roofs of buildings looking for lowlifes and nefarious criminals. That’s why we’re so stoked to hear about a DC Comics-inspired restaurant opening up in London, even if the concept seems a little corny.

Park Row London promises to be the epicenter of all things DC. The 18,000 square-foot space will be made up of three bars and five restaurants. There will be a Penguin-themed bar that would make Danny DeVito happy called Iceberg Lounge, a British pub called Pennyworth (for Bruce Wayne’s butler), a Harley Quinn restaurant, and even a speakeasy exclusively for bad guys called Old Gotham City.

The restaurant’s Instagram account merely says it will open in the spring. Fans of the DC universe who don’t live in England (and can’t fly there themselves like someone from Planet Kryptonite) might want to book a flight and head across the pond this summer.

Photo: Warner Bros

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