In New Jenga Jell-O Shot Game, Everyone Is a Winner (Or Is It a Loser?)

We’ve all played drinking games — and we don’t mean taking a shot every time Alexis says “David” on Schitt’s Creek or chugging your beer every time a player gets a holding penalty during an NFL (or now XFL) game. No, we mean games that are specifically designed to make the participants drink as much alcohol as possible. This includes beer pong, flip cup, and…Jenga?

Yes, that classic game where you attempt to stack pieces of wood on top of each other until someone makes a mistake and the whole thing topples over has become a boozy game guaranteed to result in a night of debauchery and shenanigans. That’s because instead of basic pieces of wood, a new version of the popular game includes hidden spaces for Jell-O shots. Yes, you read that right. This alternate version is available on Etsy from StonePointWoodwork and includes 54 pieces of wood, 15 of which have spaces for Jell-O shots.

This means that if you play this version and pull the wrong (or right, depending on your feelings about Jell-O shots) piece, you’re going to be sucking down a cup filled with fruit-flavored Jell-O mixed with vodka. The game, which retails for $79 for a game with one shot in each piece or $89 for two shots in each piece, even comes with a recipe card to help you whip up the perfect evening of booze and games. To celebrate the booze-ification of Jenga, check out these terrific GIFs of Jenga-related action.

Photo: Christian Aslund (Getty Images)

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