Annie Murphy Talks Schitt’s Creek

Season 3 of Schitt’s Creek is back on January 10th at 9pm. The half-hour single-camera comedy is co-created by Eugene and Daniel Levy, who also star alongside Catherine O’Hara, Emily Hampshire, Jennifer Robertson, Chris Elliott, and Annie Murphy, who filled in readers on what it’s like working on such a hilarious show.

Tell us about Season 3 of Schitt’s Creek.

Annie Murphy: For Alexis, she looks to fill some gaps in her education and, in doing that, she achieves this level of independent we haven’t seen in past seasons. she’s still remains very much Alexis, and there’s still boys around (if boys weren’t around she’d implode), but I was so proud of the writers this season for making me so proud of Alexis and the things she sets out to accomplish.

Any other projects that you’re currently working on?

I’ve been doing some writing. I’m on contract with the show for another season so it limits me to what else I can audition for, which is a nice problem to have. I’ve been able to do some writing and traveling with my husband (we just got back from Japan at end of October – it was our first time there and it was wild! What a really beautiful trip!). My husband is in a band, so he does a lot of traveling with his work, and I hop on for the ones that I can go on. When we have the time and money that’s what we’re doing: traveling.

Ever have any interest in working behind the camera?

It’s always been interesting to me. I wrote and produced a web series a few years ago that was a really big learning curve that I needed to make, but it really whet my appetite for more writing. When it comes to the production side of things, there were so many parts I was so unaware that existed. Making content is still something going to pursue.

What’s one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?

The other day the publicist called and asked what my hobbies are, and there was this long pause… “I love reading aaaand people watching…” (Laughs) I have endless amounts of fears and anxiety. My house burned down two years ago and we ended up living in my husband’s grandparents for a year in their attic. We lost everything. I wouldn’t have changed a thing – in the long run it was a bizarre, amazing experience.