Schitt's Creek

Soon You Can Buy the ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Motel (Not That Anyone Would Want To)

Schitt’s Creek is the hottest sitcom streaming right now, thanks in part to the nine Emmys it picked up last month. Pretty soon, the hotel where much of the action on the Canadian show takes place will be the hottest property on the real estate market. At least, that’s what the owner hopes.

Yes, the Rosebud Hotel is going up for sale this month. Owner Jesse Tipping hasn’t revealed the sale price, but the venue has become a surprising tourist destination for fans of the comedy about a wealthy family that falls on hard times and has to move into the motel in a tiny hick town. People have come from as far away as Australia to get a peek of the place.

“We just kind of let them enjoy it, because if they are not bothering anybody, people really get a kick out of it,” Tipping said. “I don’t think it will be tough [to sell].”

Schitt’s Creek isn’t the motel’s only onscreen appearance, either; it was featured in the 2005 film A History of Violence as well as the thriller miniseries 11.22.63 and The Umbrella Academy series.

“It is an interesting spot,” Tipping said. “It has been interesting to see how people interact with it.”

The property is located in Orangeville, Ontario, about 54 miles northwest of downtown Toronto. It boasts eight apartment-style rooms, plus a three-bedroom residence.

Here’s hoping the buyer gives it a facelift because it looks like it could use one. That, or turns it into a Schitt’s Creek shrine with memorabilia from the show.

Cover Photo: PopTV

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