The Only Thing You Missed at the Emmys This Year Was…Zendaya

Despite all the upsets and pointlessness of this year’s Emmys (anyone seen Fleabag?), we’re here to recount the only thing you really missed if you didn’t catch this year’s awards: Zendaya. That is, unless you count the fact Game of Thrones won for Best Drama, despite that whole million-plus-fan protest asking for a full season reshoot. That said, we leave you with Zendaya, who was a heavy favorite for HBO’s Euphoria, even before her green dress hit the red carpet at the Emmy Awards last night. The Poison Ivy-esque green dress literally stopped all traffic. Seriously, Los Angeles hasn’t seen a backup like that since that whole sewer explosion ordeal where used condoms were washing up on shore like some kind of after-party massacre. Have a look for yourself.

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Cover: Matt Winkelmeyer (Getty Images)


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