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Zendaya’s Role of MJ in ‘Spider-Man: Far from Home’ to Be Movie’s Biggest Twist

Zendaya is reprising her role as Michelle Jones, aka MJ, in the Spider-Man: Far From Home sequel and she is ready to continue rejecting tired female tropes in superhero movies. Despite her nickname being a “fun homage” to the Mary Jane Watson comic book character, Zendaya’s MJ stands on her own as clever, snarky, and messy student, who we expect will play a pivotal role in the movie instead of a girl-next-door cliché.

While the new MJ is seemingly building towards a romantic storyline with one Peter Parker in the Far From Home trailers, she’s not simply the love interest or damsel in distress, but a well-developed character who is a badass in her own right. Zendaya’s MJ will revamp that relationship with Tom Holland’s Peter in a major way, providing the biggest twist of the Marvel movie by breaking the mold of being more than “just the girl.” Fans shouldn’t be surprised if the highly observant MJ calls out Peter for being Spider-Man and revealing she knows his alter-ego’s true identity.

A particularly refreshing spin on MJ’s character compared to the classic Mary Jane is that Mary Jane Watson has always been written to have more of a thing for Spider-Man, whereas MJ’s interest lies solely with Peter. Their relationship has been set up as a casual and three-dimensional slow burn, which is, after all, Marvel’s specialty. Zendaya’s role as MJ won’t be the only thing shaking up the MCU when Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into theaters, though. The movie is opening up many new doors, and we put together a few key elements we’re looking forward to.

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