9 ‘Euphoria’ GIFs For Getting Over Someone You Love(d)

There’s really no right way to break up with someone. Just because you don’t feel like you belong in a relationship with them, you probably don’t hate them either. At least we hope you don’t. But none of that really reduces the stress of having to tell someone you once loved that you don’t want to be with them anymore. Thankfully, we have Euphoria to guide us through these troubled times. Like most HBO shows, Euphoria has been an exceptionally wild ride. It’s really nailed the highs, lows, and missteps of growing up, which almost anyone alive today can relate to, making its GIFs the perfect way to prep you for breaking someone’s heart.

Photo: HBO

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Are you getting ready to end a relationship? If so, which of these GIFs really got you in the headspace to crush someone else’s heart? Sound off in the comments!

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