HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ Set to Air Two New Episodes (Including What Is Sure to Be a Cheery Christmas Special)

“Plenty of great, intelligent, funny, interesting, and creative people have struggled with the same things you struggle with.”

“Like who?” 

“Vincent Van Gogh, Sylvia Plath, and your favorite, Britney Spears.”

Thus began Euphoria, HBO’s traumatic, yet comedic, exploration of adolescence. Turns out, Generation Z enjoys sex, drugs, and alcohol (classic trifecta) just as much as the rest of us; oh yes, nudes are the currency of love and much darker things than TikTok trouble America’s teenagers.

Euphoria puts Rue Bennett (Zendaya) in this abyss of existential angst. As a recovering addict, who can be found banging on her dealer’s door, yelling “you did this to me,” is an endearing mess. Zendaya’s performance made her the youngest person to ever win an Emmy. Now, she’s about to take a two-part victory lap.

Zendaya recently announced the upcoming release of two Euphoria specials, one of which will be a Christmas episode premiering in early December. No word yet when the second special will premiere, but both installments will be taking place between the events of season one and two. Season one ended with an inspired musical number, signifying Rue’s relapse in the wake of her love interest/friend, Jules Vaughn (Hunter Schafer) leaving town. Zendaya’s Instagram post, featuring a blue eye with Rue reflection the pupil, teases a reunion between the two. Check it out below.

The first special, “Trouble Don’t Last Always,” will follow Rue as she celebrates Christmas. While its title is undeniably optimistic, it’s probably safe to say Euphoria won’t be pulling A Charlie Brown Christmas. The episode was written and directed by series creator, Sam Levinson, and will reportedly see Colman Domingo will reprise his role as Ali, the man from Rue’s support group with a penchant for tough-love soliloquies. 

There’s no word yet on when the show’s second season will debut, but filming is set to begin in early 2021. Until then, an unorthodox Christmas special, making us less-than-nostalgic about high school, may just be what the doctor ordered. #FreeBritney 

Cover Photo: HBO

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