9 Lessons HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ Taught Us About Gen Z

Euphoria, the in-your-face Gen Z drama series can be a bit much. It’s not the type of show you’re going to watch hungover on a Sunday—it’s too real for that. Violence, drug abuse, and nudity (like way more penis than you’re expecting) abound. It’s a deconstructive acid trip of human dysfunction outlined by visceral music and some mic-drop worthy performances. (All hail Zendaya.) The show’s protagonist, 17-year-old Rue, is an empathetic, sometimes deplorable, vaguely hilarious drug addict who, fresh off a stint in rehab, narrates the whole ordeal. Although it may be hard to watch, with a relentless amount of depressing shit, the show surprises you with some genuinely powerful moments. In this way, Euphoria is like an informative tale aimed not really at the generation it depicts, but at the people who have written them off. Here are some things Euphoria’s first season has taught us about Gen Z.

Cover Photo: HBO

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