Illegal drug trade.

10 Creative (But Ultimately Unsuccessful) Ways People Tried To Smuggle Drugs

Photo: wellphoto (Getty)

Remember a little while back when we told you all that cops busted a massive cocaine-ring? That’s right, cocaine hidden inside of pineapples. Cops were able to seize 745kg of coke inside of what turned out to be fake pineapples. So that got us thinking of all the other stories we’ve written in the past that involves people trying to smuggle their drugs in, and we have to admit, some very creative ways. Whether it was using a pigeon, a Cookie Monster doll, inside a vending machine or making a mom stuff an egg inside of her (gross, I know), these men and women had no shame doing everything in their power to smuggle their drugs.

So with that said, check out the ten stories below that involve folks who did their best to smuggle drugs, but ultimately failed big time.

Let this be a lesson for you all: don’t do drugs, kids. And never, and I mean never, use your mom in your drug scheme. That’s just not cool.

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